Food to Avoid.

A plant-based diet excludes meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, and eggs, as well as highly refined foods (bleached flour, refined sugar, oil) and processed foods (fast/junk foods that contain additives, artificial flavorings and other chemical ingredients).

A word about oil.

Oil, even the finest olive oil, is 100% fat. It is also:


Oil is very high in calories. For comparison… one pound of non-starchy vegetables equal 100 calories while one pound of oil equals 4,000 calories! Check out this chart which compares oil, beef and vegetable caloric density. (link back to "Caloric density chart" under WEIGHT LOSS.)


Vegetable oils have no fiber, no carbohydrates, no protein, no vitamins, no minerals and no essential fats. Oils are loaded with saturated fat which injure the lining of our arteries thus opening the door to vascular disease.

Meat Beef, ground beef, steak, hot dogs, chicken (breast, fried), Turkey, Fish, etc.
Dairy & Eggs Milk, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, butter, ice cream, eggs, etc.
Refined Bleached flour, refined sugar (candy, regular soda, syrups, table sugar), oils, etc.
Processed Canned, boxed, bagged, frozen, fast food, bacon, chips, soft drinks, etc.